Hey Hi Hello!

Hey there!

I’m Natalie – A lover of sustainable, eco-friendly fashion. When I love something, I kind of want the whole world to know about it. That’s what led me to creating this blog, The Hidden Harmony. I wanted a place to write and inspire others about eco-friendly fashion and the copious benefits of shopping at local thrift shops.

The name Hidden Harmony is a phrase I came up with many years ago. To me, “finding your hidden harmony” is finding your own balance in life. One that consists of confidence, mindfulness, and healthy relationships. Finding that balance can take a whole lot of patience and exploration, just like finding your own personal style. But, if you listen close enough, and open up your heart and mind, you’ll start to hear the hidden harmonies start to lay on one another. Before you know it, you have a symphony of sounds.

I’m excited to show you the hidden treasures I find in thrift stores, vintage shops, and local boutiques, and I hope it inspires you to shop with our planet, wallet (of course!) and well-being in mind.