And So It Grows

Tomorrow marks my third month in my apartment in Williamsburg, and I still wake up thinking it’s all a dream.

Visualizing your goals, writing them down, speaking about them out-loud…it’s so powerful and more effective than you would think. I was just reading the journal entry I wrote before I got my job in the marketing department at Housing Works. I wrote down my ideal life, and little by little, over the past 8 months, most of those words have turned into a reality. I’m so damn proud to be where I am.

I have a lot of plans for myself, and a helluva lot of things I want to learn, places I want to visit, and people I’d like to meet. I know time is limited, and resources (aka: that cash money) is limited too, but for some reason, I truly believe I’ll do each thing I set my mind to.

It seems like the more good energy you put out into the world, the more it will come back around and sweep you off your feet.

When you have a spare moment, dream a little. Don’t judge yourself for how unrealistic your dreams may seem. Write that sh!t down! There’s always some kind of path/ a hidden harmony, that will lead you in the direction you seek.

I’m growing, and The Hidden Harmony is growing along with me. And although I can’t predict in what ways it will go and grow, I trust that it’s on a good path.

Here’s some photos of my dreamy weekend in Brooklyn! More #ootd posts coming soon, as well as a post about Sustainability Month.

Thanks for listening 🙂

– Natalie









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