The Hidden Harmony Home

The Hidden Harmony Home

Oh, Sundays. iloveyousomuch.

It’s by far the coziest day of the week, filled with yummy brunch foods, long phone calls, jazz records, and preparing for the week ahead. I recently moved to Williamsburg, but I’ve been gathering apartment design inspo for years. By the time I moved into my new place, I had a really good idea of what I wanted my bedroom to look like. You can find my Pinterest board here.

All photos taken by the talented, beautiful Gunsel! Check her work out here and here. Thanks, Guns!

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Being the frugal gal I am, I tried to get everything I could second-hand. Since I work for Housing Works, that wasn’t too hard of a task, BUT, every now & then you gotta treat yo self. So yes, there’s a neon cactus sign that MAYBE I didn’t need… but just look how damn cute this thing is. I bought it at a boutique in Williamsburg called Red Pearl, but you can find something similar here.


I was going for a *somewhat* minimal look, so you’ll notice my walls, comforter and shelves are white. I bought/thrifted dark furniture to add more of a contrast. Plus – that desk you’re looking at…it was FREE. I hung a few pictures that I got from a street vendor on my desk wall as well as some thrifted art. I’m kind of obsessed with that embroidered “I’m a Goddamn Ray of Fucking Sunshine” piece courtesy of Housing Works, haha. I took some thrifted records and hung them from nails, too! I love how it looks with the record player.

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These string lights on sale at Urban Outfitters bring such beautiful warmth to the room. Find them here.

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I have my jewelry hanger out on my dresser front and center. It’s great desk decor and reminds me to keep all of my jewelry in one place. Does it work? Eh, not so much.

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Of course, I wanted my room to be filled with plants. Still working on that green thumb, though. Tips much appreciated ;). The plant pictured here is called the Prayer Plant.

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Being able to come home and throw on some records is such a luxury to me. It’s a perfect way to start or wind down your day. I picked up Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” album at Earwax Records around the corner from me, but thrift most of my records from Housing Works Thrift Shops or their Bookstore Cafe.

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Outfit  – Suuuuuper casual. It’s Sunday, after all ;).  Ombre’d plaid shirt thrifted from Buffalo Exchange for $10. Mid-rise Levi’s thrifted from Housing Works for just $5. #Score and #Score.

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Thanks for stopping by, and more room tours to come soon!

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2 thoughts on “The Hidden Harmony Home

  1. This looks amazing. I love what you did with record on the wall. I need to read your blog more often. I never had the thrusting eye and living in miami I need major advice.

    Congrats again on new place

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